What Search Engines to Focus On For Site Traffic



Based on a most recent survey, more than eighty percent of those who visit websites are generated by searches utilizing the search engines and that is the very reason why website owners and webmasters rack their brains in search for the perfect search engine optimization strategies that will really optimize their website’s presence on the internet and attract as much traffic as they can. And there are so many ways of attracting the search engines’ attention in order to rank high in the results pages, an attainment that will surely bring an unprecedented amount of traffic to your site.

Keep in mind that these SEO key strategies entail hard work and perseverance and even if some claim that they have a shortcut to quick website traffic propagation, believe me there is no such thing that lasts and that most likely is tantamount to cheating and when you get caught by the search engines, your whole online business operation will be put in jeopardy and depending on the gravity of the offense, you may even be banned from online marketing. Keep a far distance from acts such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, acquisition of invisible links, mirror pages, or any kind of propagation software intended to fool the search engine-placed system because it will only get you into serious trouble.

It is always best to stick to the rule in SEO and work form the bottom upwards by making all the necessary natural steps to attract 메이저 토토사이트 traffic. Once again, I would like to reiterate that this process does not occur overnight and it entails a lot of tracking and patience but once you have made your foundation, rest assured the next steps are not going to be as complicated as when you where trying to jump start your online advertising campaign.

And in order to achieve your goal of maximizing your presence online, the search engines that you need to focus on are what are known as the Big Three namely MSN Bing, Yahoo, and Google. These three major search engines are the sites that will bring the biggest amount of traffic to your website considering the fact that they are the very ones that people normally pull up when they want to search for anything online.

So when you want to make sure that your website is exposed to its full potential, make sure that you optimize to all three major search engines. Yes, Google is clearly the runaway winner in comparison with the other two but there are categories where the other two search engine sites are more dominant and you will soon notice if you track your campaign that in some aspects, more traffic will be coming in from MSN Bing and Yahoo.


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