Purchasing Sports Gambling Picks – Things to Consider When Following Another Sports Handicapper



If you are reading this article then I take it that you are sick of paying out more than you bring in while wagering on your favorite sporting events. Am I right? If so then it’s probably safe to say that you have become interested in the possibility of buying sports handicapping information from a professional handicapper. Am I still on the right track?

I have never met anybody who set out to lose when they placed a wager on a ball game. However, it sure seems like the vast majority of people who situs slot terbaru 2020 bonus 100 on sports do it almost totally blind. If you fall into that category and are sick of funding your bookies kid’s college fund then you need to make a change. You can either keep your money in your pocket or you can consider the possibility of following a professional handicapper.

I’m sure that you’re a little uneasy and I don’t blame you one bit. Their are plenty of scam artist on the net that couldn’t pick a coin toss with a two headed nickel in their pocket. What should you look for when following a pro?


This can be a tricky area when researching the different sites on the internet. If a handicapper brags about winning 70% of his plays and you discover that he is referring to going 7-3 in his last ten then this is worthless. A chimp throwing darts at a board could get that lucky!

If he is so good why not brag about his last 15 or 20 picks? Probably because he missed more than half of them. If your going to follow a pro you need long term results. You should always use common sense when looking at a pro’s won-loss record. If it looks to good to be true then it probably is.


Many professionals have systems that people follow and wager on. Following a professionals system of wagering has become very popular and their are many different kinds that you can use. It’s important to remember that a high winning percentage when using a system is not the same as straight up wagering.

When a pro states that he has a 90+% win loss ratio that really means on a series of plays in his system. It’s a little bit misleading because it looks like they are implying that they hit 95% of their picks. Not to say they can’t make you money it just might take a while to build your bankroll.


Everybody has a website these days and professional gamblers that want to sell their services are no different. Thoroughly examine their site and check out the customer testimonials. If they are any good and are really offering a reliable service then they should have positive testimonials from reputable sources. They should also offer a money back guarantee.


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